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How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire

Compulsive oversharing through song.

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Underhill Downs

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Nine songs about my uffish moods, one song about a vampire, and one song about a fish. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING. (US or Canada only. For orders from other countries, please write to

Four years to finish in three different pro studios and five home studios. Twenty-one different guest contibutors. Strings, computers, drum machines, keyboards, guitars, trumpet, vibraphone, hand percussion, piano, zither, melodica, sledgehammer, and a farmer's plow.

1. Lower Your Bar
2. Rockets
3. Caught Off Guard
4. Point Of No Return
5. Coelacanth
6. Look Up
7. Ashes and Stains
8. Stilts
9. You Can Stay But No Suki Suki
10. Vampire With a Briefcase
11. I Am the Oscillator

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