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How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire

Compulsive oversharing through song.

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How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire

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13 fine specimens of oversharing through song. After paying, you will receive a link to download MP3s.

While performing in clubs at MC Frontalot shows or in theaters with Prince Gomolvilas in Jukebox Stories, Brandon Patton (aka BL4k Lotus) penned a collection of ridiculous tales, embarrassing admissions, and perverted anthems.

1. Mixed Up Modern Family - a historical account of his parents' sex life.
2. Munching the Cooch - a Brian Setzer style swing about - you guessed it - cunnelingus.
3. My Girlfriend Was Kidnapped by Aliens - blistering complaint rock about alien abduction, and what a drag it is.
4. Patti Likes Guys - the hit song from Love Sucks: A Punk Rock Musical, wherein lead singer Patti's bandmates try to get Big Joe, a rival punk rocker, interested in Patti. First, they have to convince him she's straight. (Plot loosely stolen from Shakespeare.)
5. Private Jet - a fantasy of international frolicking, with irreverent non sequiturs involving Christ, and sperm.
6. The Queen and the Potter - what happens when sexual opportunism lands you in trouble with the King. Featuring a recorder trio, and a guillotine.
7. Big in Japan - a Matthew Sweet era rock song about being mistaken for Brad Pitt by schoolgirls in tall socks.
8. That's All I Need - a duet from Love Sucks: A Punk Rock Musical that puts the Moldy Peaches to shame.
9. Would You Take a Bullet For Me - spoken word over drum machine, a contemplation of the depths of friendship.
10. Ketchup and Mayo (live) - a celebration of blum with grossed-out audience.
11. Kate, That's Great - a Squirrel Nut Zippers style birthday song for anyone (named Kate) turning an age that ends in 8.
12. Indier Than Thou - the MC Frontalot anthem, if it had been sung by Johnny Cash.
13. How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire (live) - true story! Except that he doesn't remember a damn thing.