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How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire

Compulsive oversharing through song.

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How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire

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13 fine specimens of oversharing through song. After paying, you will get a link to MP3s. About a week later, you will have an actual CD in your mailbox.

While performing in clubs at MC Frontalot shows or in theaters with Prince Gomolvilas in Jukebox Stories, Brandon Patton (aka BL4k Lotus) penned a collection of ridiculous tales, embarrassing admissions, and perverted anthems.

1. Mixed Up Modern Family - a historical account of his parents' sex life.
2. Munching the Cooch - A Brian Setzer style swing about - you guessed it - cunnelingus.
3. My Girlfriend Was Kidnapped by Aliens - Blistering complaint rock about alien abduction, and what a drag it is.
4. Patti Likes Guys - the hit song from Love Sucks: A Punk Rock Musical, wherein lead singer Patti's bandmates try to get Big Joe, a rival punk rocker, interested in Patti. First, they have to convince him she's straight. (Plot loosely stolen from Shakespeare.)
5. Private Jet - A fantasy of international frolicking, with irreverent non sequiturs involving Christ, and sperm.
6. The Queen and the Potter - what happens when sexual opportunism lands you in trouble with the King. Featuring a recorder trio, and a guillotine.
7. Big in Japan - a Matthew Sweet era rock song about being mistaken for Brad Pitt by schoolgirls in tall socks.
8. That's All I Need - a duet from Love Sucks: A Punk Rock Musical that puts the Moldy Peaches to shame.
9. Would You Take a Bullet For Me - Spoken word over drum machine, a contemplation of the depths of friendship.
10. Ketchup and Mayo (live) - A celebration of blum with grossed-out audience.
11. Kate, That's Great - A Squirrel Nut Zippers style birthday song for anyone (named Kate) turning an age that ends in 8.
12. Indier Than Thou - The MC Frontalot anthem, if it had been sung by Johnny Cash.
13. How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire - True story! Except that he doesn't remember a damn thing.